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Project2015 in Photos: Part 1

Project2015 in Photos: Part 1

This year, the commemoration events for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide were as massive as ever, taking place in many corners of the world. A group of Armenian scholars, academics and activists decided to commemorate April 24th in Istanbul – where the massive killings began, and where they are still being denied. Project 2015 worked closely with various Turkish human rights organizations to design a specific commemoration program in Istanbul to encourage an open discourse on the denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government.

Project 2015 – with board members such as Serj Tankian, Sarah Leah Whitson and Fatma Müge Göcek, a faculty member at the University of Michigan – also funded over 20 Armenian students from U.S., Turkey, Germany and Armenia, who have presented project proposals on the Armenian Genocide.

The following images are part of  a student project that aimed to capture Project2015 events. These and other photographs first appeared on Asbarez.com.



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