Peace Petition Lands Scholars in Jail

Peace Petition Lands Scholars in Jail

Prosecutions of Academics Reflects Dramatic Deterioration of Rights (New York, March 24, 2016) — The Turkish government’s disciplinary investigations and criminal prosecutions against scholars who signed a “petition for peace” in the Kurdish regions of the country violates fundamental rights to free expression and reflects the dramatic deterioration of civil and political rights in the … Read More »

Investigate Killing of Kurdish Human Rights Activist and Lawyer

Apparent Assassination Latest in Spate of Targeted Attacks against Kurdish Peace Activists (New York, November 29, 2015) – Project 2015 today condemned the apparent assassination of Tahir Elci, a prominent lawyer and Kurdish human rights activist who headed the Diyarbakir Bar Association. An unknown assailant reportedly shot Elci with a bullet to the head while … Read More »

Belinda Richardson: Beyond Personal Justice

“Why the Armenian Genocide Matters for Human Rights: Beyond Personal Justice,” a research project by Belinda Richardson, a teaching assistant in religious studies and human rights, looks at the history of the Armenian Genocide and the societal/political stigmas surrounding the issue that, a century later, continue to impact human rights. Belinda was one of the … Read More »

Listen to the Sounds of Plurality and Solidarity

One of our student participants, Alyssa Mathias, captured the mood of the centennial commemorations through a series of audio recordings and text, which was published in UCLA’s Ethnomusicology Review. She writes, “…what seems to unite these diverse sounds of remembrance and protest is a sense of immediacy. Amid us visitors were people speaking to their own … Read More »

Project2015 in Photos: Part 1

Project2015 in Photos: Part 1 This year, the commemoration events for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide were as massive as ever, taking place in many corners of the world. A group of Armenian scholars, academics and activists decided to commemorate April 24th in Istanbul – where the massive killings began, and where they are … Read More »

Turkish Government Must Recognize Armenian Genocide, Account for Crimes of Prior Government

PDF in Arm, Tur, Fr Largest Ever Gathering of Diaspora Armenians in Istanbul to Commemorate Centennial with Turkish Groups (Istanbul, April 22, 2014) – On the eve of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Turkish and Armenian-American organizations, assembled with record-breaking number of Diaspora Armenians from around the world, called on the Turkish government to … Read More »

Arab and Amazigh Human Rights Organizations Call on Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide

PDF in Ar (Cairo, April 22, 2014) – On the eve of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, leading Arab and Amazigh human rights organizations called on the Turkish government to recognize the truth of the historic events, issue an unequivocal apology, and move towards accountability and reparations. The concerted campaign by Ottoman leaders a … Read More »

“WISHING TREE” Public Art Ritual to Honor Victims and Survivors of Armenian Genocide Planned for April 24, 2015 in Istanbul

PDF in Tur (Istanbul, April 10, 2015)—As part of an outdoor commemoration of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, a public art ritual will be enacted on April 24, 2015, ahead of the formal commemorative ceremony, Project 2015 and Anadolu Kultur announced today. Participants will festoon the “Wishing Tree” with strips … Read More »

Project 2015 Awards Study Grants for Commemoration Events in Istanbul

PDF in Tur Students to Travel from Europe, United States for Guided Studies on Armenian Genocide in Turkey (Los Angeles, April 6, 2015) – Project 2015 has awarded nineteen students from ten universities grants totaling $30,000 to travel to Turkey to participate in Armenian Genocide commemoration events, Project 2015 said today. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation … Read More »

Groundbreaking Academic Conference on Armenian Genocide in Istanbul

PDF in Tur Istanbul Bilgi University, History Foundation in Turkey and UCLA Conference Part of Project 2015 and DurDe Centennial Commemoration Activities (Istanbul, March 17, 2015) — Scholars from around the world will convene at Istanbul Bilgi University on April 26, 2015, to participate in an international conference entitled “The Armenian Genocide: Concepts and Comparative … Read More »