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Peace Petition Lands Scholars in Jail

Prosecutions of Academics Reflects Dramatic Deterioration of Rights (New York, March 24, 2016) — The Turkish government’s disciplinary investigations and criminal prosecutions against scholars who signed a “petition for peace” in the Kurdish regions of the country violates fundamental rights to free expression and reflects the dramatic deterioration of civil and political rights in the … Read More »

Belinda Richardson: Beyond Personal Justice

“Why the Armenian Genocide Matters for Human Rights: Beyond Personal Justice,” a research project by Belinda Richardson, a teaching assistant in religious studies and human rights, looks at the history of the Armenian Genocide and the societal/political stigmas surrounding the issue that, a century later, continue to impact human rights. Belinda was one of the … Read More »

Project2015 in Photos: Part 1

Project2015 in Photos: Part 1 This year, the commemoration events for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide were as massive as ever, taking place in many corners of the world. A group of Armenian scholars, academics and activists decided to commemorate April 24th in Istanbul – where the massive killings began, and where they are … Read More »